The founder the editor and publisher of Refined-Life moved from San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley; a place rich in culture where she once enjoyed local museums, ballets, operas, plays, art galleries, symphonies, and concerts. Upon moving to Rancho Santa Margarita, within a month, became confused where Rancho Santa Margarita’s local listings were such as:

• the local playhouse scene
• community plays of different genres
• art gallery events – open studio days
• other cultural events

These events, in turn, enrich the community, and give the children of Rancho Santa Margarita cultural experiences. With her newly found discovery, she decided Rancho Santa Margarita definitely needed to highlight their local talented artists, musicians, and actors.

If you know of a local cultural event or know a talented musician or artist the editors or Refined-Life, we want to hear from you. Send us an email or invite us to your events and we would be happy to attend. Please note, attendance will be permitted as long as it coordinates with our schedules.